The Team

Michel Poignant Headshot

Michel Poignant - CEO & Founder

Michel Poignant, a veteran in computer technology, began his career in marketing and since then holds extensive experience in the development and successful management of multi-national companies and global corporations. Contributor in the creation and development of the PAYTOO electronic wallet platform, he became an essential collaborator in the formation of a group of products and services related to telecom, store value cards, prepaid cards, bill payment processing services and money transfers. Mr. Poignant is also known for launching several innovative products as are: The Moby-Desk, the First Mobile Desktop and the Photo Bingo, the first Roll Film vending machine. Today, Mr. Poignant is founder and CEO of PAYTOO CORP and its group of subsidiaries.

Cedric Mayol Headshot

Cedric Mayol - CTO & Founder

Since he graduated as the valedictorian of his school of "Design and Maintenance of Software", Cedric Mayol has accumulated over 14 years of experience in administration and development, including installation and administration of Linux servers, Web and Mobile development for large accounts. Cedric has also worked with automobile companies including Peugeot, Volkswagen and Audi. He is the technical mastermind of PAYTOO and the master architect of the system.

Brad Hacker Headshot

Brad Hacker - CFO

Partner and founder at Brad Hacker and Co, CPA and Accounting firm, Mr. Brad Hacker serves as Chief Financial Officer for PAYTOO Corp. Previously, Mr. Hacker was partner at Kramer Weisman & Associates, and has also served as Chief Financial Officer at XTX Energy Inc. He has held positions as Chief Financial Officer and Financial Director for companies as are: Imperial, Inc., and Brampton Crest International Inc., respectively.

Bruce Parker Headshot

Bruce Parker - PAYTOO Australia Director

Bruce Parker joined PAYTOO’s Team in 2007, and since then, has been responsible for the deployment of PAYTOO in Australia and the Oceania area. Considered an expert in his field, Mr. Parker holds vast knowledge in all areas of accounting, auditing and financial management. As Director at PAYTOO Australia, Mr. Parker also brings an extensive career in business development, knowledge of payment systems, electronic banking products and the financial services industries.